Ardyss Presentation For Those Wanting To Build Your Downline Online

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A solid Ardyss presentation is probably one of the most lacking skills for independent reps in the industry today.
The company now relies on showcases which work for offline marketing but what do you do for online marketing? The company rightfully so doesn't want reps going online due to the learning curve and losing touch to their warm markets, but one must think there there must be other ways to promote the business.
Ardyss presentation conducted online should be rephrased as an online Ardyss International showcase.
Sure you can't size your guest for your body magic products or have them take a drink of your Le Vive juice but if you build a solid relationship where information is freely given and a trust is formed personal touch can be transferred through the internet.
The reason the business has exploded over into the states is due to warm markets.
Now, one can say that since it's working don't fix the marketing plan.
So what do you do with those who can't drive out and do showcases or those working two jobs who can't schedule times to push the opportunity or products? The next logical step is the internet.
Corporate will not invite you let alone train you on the fine art of traffic and lead generation.
They feel reps aren't smart enough to do it so instead of teaching online marketing they revert to the lowest common denominator of rep, the computer illiterate one.
This way the company can teach the masses and not worry about those stuck in the mountain or have no time to do showcases.
If your reading this then you know you want to start learning how to effectively conduct Ardyss presentations that work and convert, right? First thing is to not push people into your Ardysslife replicated website.
You will want to be branding yourself every step of the way which included running your own recorded Ardyss presentation from your personalized website.
Think about how that differentiates you from all the other reps and why a complete stranger would rather buy from you versus the other thousands of websites that look identical.
Remember, people buy from people so you want to have your web presence as warm and personable as possible.
Start with online webinars and build an online list who know you instead of your company.
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