Reasons To Buy Bulk Sunscreen For Your Outdoor Workers

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Everyone has heard the warnings about the sun and chances are good that you remember to apply some type of sun protection on weekends before you walk out door but you may not always think about it when you head out for work. For those people that work outside or have employees that do, they need to reconsider the importance of sunscreen at work.

Outdoor workers are some of the most sun-exposed of the population having to deal with the damaging effects of the sun every single day. For these workers a solid sunscreen choice that will help protect their skin is an absolute must. Buying sunscreen in bulk for your employees is a great way to help them protect their skin. Not sure you should consider the extra expense? Take a moment to think through these benefits.

Create a Culture of Safety: Every employee has the right to a safe workplace. You can offer protective gear like hard hats where necessary. You can even offer the right training and incentives to help employees pay attention to safety. Know what else you can do? Offer sun protection. If you're trying to build a culture of safety, there's no better place to start than with helping your employees protect themselves from the sun as they head outside every morning.

Increase Productivity: The sun's rays can have long term consequences like skin cancer and more rapid aging, but they can also cause more immediate problems like sunburns. That can lead to time off or at least a slower pace. With sunscreen at hand, your employees will be protected from the potential consequences of the sun, thus increasing their productivity immediately. It can also lead to increasing productivity in the long run because your employees won't have to worry about getting sick later in life from sun exposure now.

Not sure how to go about getting sunscreen into the workplace? There are lots of great options. You can simply buy a pump to put in each truck or in the warehouse so employees can use it before they leave each day or when they get to the job site. Another solid idea is to be sure you have plenty of sunscreen packets on hand to pass out, put in the trucks, and make convenient for your team. This will help them remember to put it on no matter where they are.

No matter how you decide to get the sunscreen to your employees, buying it in bulk is going to be the most cost-effective choice for your company. Times are tight, and you want something that will prove effective but easy on the budget, so the only good option is stocking up now to help you save later. Talk to your supplies manager now about placing an order today, then call a meeting and make sure every team member is using sunscreen every time they head out into the field.
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