Math Games for the Algebra Classroom

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    Algebra Jeopardy

    • This virtual game, based on the TV show Jeopardy, is an algebra-intensive game. With a full-sized Jeopardy board, you select your categories. The algebra categories include Coordinate Geometry, Probability, Equations, Operations and Data. The more difficult problems score the most points if you get them correct, but you lose the most points if you get them wrong. The problems are accurately scaled in difficulty, so it is likely that the better the student scores on Algebra Jeopardy, the better she will score on algebra tests and quizzes. The game is designed such that the students' full attention is on solving algebra problems.

    Algebra Planet Blaster

    • This game uses rocket ships as an answer vehicle. A linear equation problem is presented to the player. Possible answers for the problem are listed on the planets at the top of the screen. The student moves the rocket ship to aim at the planet that displays the right answer. Then, the student fires the missile. If it's the right answer the planet explodes, but if it is the wrong answer, the rocket ship explodes. The game's problems are typical linear equations often found in algebra books.

      The linear equation problems presented are simple enough that the student can calculate the numerical answer for the variable in his head. However, they're complex enough, such that some students may prefer to use a pencil and paper to calculate the answer.

    Battleship for Polynomials

    • This virtual game's graphic theme is battleships and a checkerboard, similar to many battleship games you can buy at the store. The object of the game is to sink the ships of the opponent. To do so, you must not only select the correct grid coordinate of the enemy ship but also answer a question about a polynomial. The game asks you to sum and subtract similar and dissimilar polynomial terms. About 20 percent of the game is used to solve algebra problems. The remaining time is used searching for battleship locations.

    Algebra Formula Jigsaw Puzzle

    • This virtual game has a busy graphic format. Students piece together torn notes with math equations on them. After your students put the torn notes together correctly, they have a complete set of mathematical formulas that they can use.

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