Enamel Paint and Acrylic Paint - Know The Difference

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The difference between enamel paint and acrylic paint might be unclear to some people.
Since both are used in arts painting, they are often confused with each other.
Because each one possesses one or more characteristics that make it more ideal to use for a certain type of material over the other, knowing what these properties are will definitely help us go through with any arts and crafts project we encounter in the future.
Like many other products and services, acrylic and enamel paints have their own sets of pros and cons.
Let me run you through some of them.
Enamel paint comes in many types, including water-based enamel paints and oil-based enamel paints.
You can choose which one to use depending on the demands of your project.
The water-based type dries faster and is less pungent than the latter type.
Enamel paints take as long as 24 hours to air dry.
Acrylic, on the other hand, dries much faster than enamel because it is water-based.
The paint will harden as soon as thirty minutes after application.
When we talk about the base, enamels are often oil-based and they need to be mixed with mineral spirits to thin.
Acrylic, like what I pointed out earlier, is water-based, so it is a better choice when there are safety and ventilation issues involved when painting.
Since oil-based and water-based enamel paints are mostly used in industrial operations, they are available in limited colors.
However, it is still possible to enjoy different shades by combining and mixing the hues available.
They can be purchased in different can sizes.
Acrylics are offered in multiple varieties of colors, so they are the ideal paint for fine artists.
They are sold in tubes like toothpaste.
If you are thinking of doing some renovation in your kitchen and bathroom, enamels are what you need.
They are durable and hard enough when dry and they are definitely washable.
Acrylics are the most suitable paint for an artist to use and it can also be a great alternative to fabric paint.
Do not forget to practice the proper safety measures to avoid any accidents when painting.
Make sure that you abide to the instructions printed on the paint labels to achieve the look and quality that you are working on.
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