How to Analyze the Strengths & Weaknesses of Advertisements

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  • 1). Evaluate the basic design of the advertisement. Assess its colors, pictures, background and text. If the elements are appealing to look at, and promote a lifestyle you want, then the design is a strength. Otherwise, the design could be a weakness of the advertisement.

  • 2). Analyze the mood of the advertisement. Mood refers to the feeling that the advertisement portrays. Assess the feeling that it gives you when you look at it, and whether the mood is helping you in wanting the product, to determine if this is a strength or a weakness.

  • 3). Assess the symbols in the advertisement. Often, advertisements use an object to represent a lifestyle or a bigger idea. For instance, a car may be a symbol for success, or a sleeping baby may symbolize peace. Symbols in the advertisement should be subtle, but should portray the larger ideas the advertisement is attempting to sell.

  • 4). Ask yourself if you want to buy the product advertised. Once you have answered this question, try to analyze why you do or do not want to buy the product. You should be able to generate a list of reasons the advertisement sells or does not sell its product.

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