Niche Marketing or Mass Marketing - What"s Right For You?

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Niche marketing seems simple, and it's easy to dismiss the concept and move on to more ''impressive'' strategies.
The truth is, it is simple, but, it is not exactly a walk in the park.
Especially if you're not well informed about it, or if you're still searching for niches in the old way! Shooting fish in a barrel Niche marketing is essentially about focus.
It's about concentrating your efforts on segments that are likely to give you the best returns.
When you think about it, it is common sense, really.
It is relatively easier to understand, and craft products and services for a clearly defined segment, than for a mass market.
You cannot sell to everybody.
I know that would be really nice -- if only it were possible.
But only a segment of the market would be really interested in what you're offering.
And, more importantly only a segment is desperate for your offerings.
Just like in life, markets are defined by groups.
A consequence of our differences-different tastes, classes, desires, knowledge...
For example, I'm a vegetarian.
No matter how compelling a sales letter selling steak, my credit card won't move! Thus, niche marketing entails having a deep understanding of prospects and clients in a 'tiny' part of a large market.
It is more demanding, and ironically, more approachable - because you're not intimidated by the sheer number or diversity of a huge market.
Let's make the picture more vivid...
Instead of targeting weight loss, for example, what if a marketer targets weight loss for women? Or weight loss for seniors? The central idea is to concentrate on a market that is being under-marketed, and that has clear, easily identified characteristics.
Preparing the hook You're probably aware of this fact, but, I'll repeat it: Research is the cornerstone of successful businesses.
The more you know about a segment and about the key players in it.
The more likely the possibility of crafting content and marketing messages that resonates with your niche.
It's important to also know yourself, yes, I meant it literally.
If you choose a niche based purely on its income potential, without taking into consideration, the fit between what you like and what the niche entails, you may not be able to put in the required effort on a long-term basis.
But, if it's a sector/segment that you like, you'll be greatly motivated, to put in your best, rain or shine.
You'll also have the edge of being able to relate to people in the niche, you'll speak their language, and they in turn will experience a sense of affinity with you.
That feeling of affinity can easily translate into a lot of money! If you know how to convert it.
Thus, selecting ideal niches is one of the most important steps, as you consider a niche marketing strategy.
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