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Did you know that over 100 Billion dollars in sales in Network Marketing was done World wide? 32.
18 Billion dollars alone in the United States! There are some 66 million people world wide doing network marketing.
In thirteen different countries.
One in three households owns a product made by a home based business, in the United States.
One in eight households owns a home based in the United States! Now, what about travel? Travel is a 7 Trillion dollar industry.
By the end of 2010, 13 Trillion Dollars.
If Network Marketing gets 1 % of the sales done in travel, One percent of 7 trillion is about 70 billion...
Now, if there are eight travel companies that do network marketing, and if each one gets equal percent, about 8.
75 Billion Dollars.
What is at stake? $ Fun, Fun, Fun.
Memories you & your family will cherish forever, maybe even your friends! It might be a vacation in the mountains, the beach of an ocean, a city in a far away country or a getaway for you & your mate at a beautiful 5 star Hotel! Some getaway Resort.
A luxurious Cruise.
It might be a 3 - 5 day trip, a week, 10 days or more vacation.
All affordable.
Anywhere in the world.
With that being said.
Any one can make what ever they desire! How about Earn Free Travel? P.
Maybe, you just want to save money on travel, you can do just that, too.
Explore, Amazing what might happen.
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