Magic Johnson"s "Tips for Winning, in Magic Johnson"s "Tips for Winning, in Business and in Lif

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My great friend, mentor and awesome Motivational Speaker-Singer and Author Willie Jolley,recently had the great fortune to speak on the same platform with the legendary basketball star Magic Johnson.
Willie was voted "Motivational Speaker Of The Year" by the 170,000 members of Toastmasters International! In winning this award, Willie joins Colin Powell, Christopher Reeve, Les Brown and former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, of Great Britain.
Magic’s tips for winning, in business and in life are a courtesy of my friend and mentor Willie Jolley.
Learn more about Willie and sign up for his e-zine by going to [http://williejolley.
Take] it away Willie.
The Business Building Tip for this edition is “The Magic of Magic!” I recently had the opportunity to speak on the same program as Magic Johnson.
He shared some incredible tips that he used to build his business, which is one of the fastest growing minority owned businesses in America.
He owns a number of Magic Johnson Movie Theaters, Magic Johnson Starbucks Coffee Shops, and Magic Johnson TGIF Restaurants.
This is of course in addition to him being a part owner of the Los Angeles Lakers.
Magic has developed a reputation of winning.
He won in basketball at every level he participated in.
He won a state championship in high school, he won a national championship in college at Michigan State, and he won a World Championship with the L.
A Lakers.
Now he is focusing his energies in winning in business.
During his speech Magic shared his TIPS for winning, in business and in life!I felt compelled to share these ideas with you because they have inspired me and I am sure they will inspire you as well.
#1) Know your customer - The key to every successful business is to know your customers.
Find out what they like and what they don't like and serve their needs.
#2) Know the difference between a successful business and a cash flowing business- there are a number of seemingly successful enterprises that go out of business with lots of contracts and commitments in the pipeline, but no money in the bank.
Make sure you have a good cash flowing business because that will be the key to real long-term success.
#3) Be aggressive- Magic said that he was successful in basketball because he always remembered to have fun and be aggressive, he takes the same philosophy in business.
#4) Make bold moves, and don't play scared- If you are going to win big you must take some big bold moves and don't play scared.
He said in basketball he practiced making no-look passes and prepared himself, and when the opportunity presented s itself, he didn’t play scared but made bold moves with a mind to win! #5) Build a BRAND! Then protect your BRAND! -Work hard on not just building a business but also on building a BRAND.
Work hard for your brand and fiercely protect it.
#6) Use common sense and remember common sense is not always a common practice.
#7) Have Faith!Keep believing in yourself and in a God who will not leave you, nor forsake you… and take full advantage of all life’s blessings.
God brought him through the AIDS issue and has given him another chance and he is determined to make the most of it.
My question to you is how has God blessed you? Take full advantage of this blessing called “Life” and live it to the fullest! If Magic can, you can too! Friends if you want to get the MAGIC touch in your business then simply use these tips and stay focused on the fact that you should WIN, you can WIN and if you decide...
you will win! Johnny wants you to know that you are just a step away from your personal and spiritual transformation in every area of your life.
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