At Home Remedies for Sinus Pressure

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    Look In The Fridge

    • Many home remedies can be found in your kitchen or purchased at a supermarket. One is hot tea with either lemon or honey mixed in. This concoction as well as a little apple cider vinegar in water or apple cider vinegar and honey in a mug of hot water are very soothing for a sore throat and will help you stay hydrated. Thinning the mucus is important as it will be expunged from the system quicker than when its consistency is dense. Foods high in potassium, garlic, and hot spices are great at achieving this. A supplement pill version of potassium and garlic can be used as a substitute. Onions are a great way to clear up sinuses. Simply cut one in half and place it under your nostrils and inhale! Your eyes may tear up a bit but this will thin out mucus and clear sinuses.


    • Vaporization can be an excellent way to relieve sinus pressure. There are three ways this can be done: in the shower, with a vaporizing cream like VapoRub, or with a vaporizer.
      Imagine it is late at night, stores are closed, and there is no vaporizer or VapoRub in the house. The next best thing is to fill a bowl with steaming hot water, lean over it, and inhale. Another way is to get into a shower with water as hot and you can stand for as long as possible. This will loosen mucus so it may be easily blown out of the nose, or expelled from the chest through the mouth.
      A vaporizer will have the same effect. A cream can be rubbed under the nose to clear up nasal passages or on the chest for better breathing.


    • Exercise, such as walking, jogging, and bicycling, can help drain the sinuses. Adrenaline is released as you exercise. This will decrease the size of blood vessels, reducing the swelling in the sinuses. Also, any phlegm that has accumulated in the chest can be loosened and dislodged because of cardiovascular exercise.

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