How to Raise the Mattress

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    Adjustable Bed

    • 1). Select a bed with an adjustable frame, which are available at most large furniture stores.

    • 2). Set the head of the bed at a 10-degree angle to lift the head of the bed by about six inches.

    • 3). Raise or lower the bed slightly up or down depending on personal preference.


    • 1). Lift your headboard one corner at a time. If you have a partner, the two of you can do this job together.

    • 2). Place a six-inch riser under each of the headboard's legs.

    • 3). Lower the headboard onto the risers, making sure the legs are placed into the riser's cups.

    Foam Wedge

    • 1). Select a foam wedge designed to aid with back problems.

    • 2). Place the foam wedge underneath your mattress so that it is resting against the head of your bed.

    • 3). Adjust the wedge until the bed has been raised six inches.

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