Is This Online Information Marketing Business Model Right For You? - Step 4

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In these series of articles I'm writing, I want to specifically talk about the 8 Steps to Starting Your Own Online Information Marketing Business.
Because this is by far one of the only types of businesses out there that is still generating millions of dollars and doing it via the internet.
We know millions of people are still spending money.
The question is how do you get a piece of that pie? Step 4 in this process is All About Logistics.
You see if you figure out what you want to sell and just go out there and try to sell it but you bypass the part about setting up the systems and automation then you're defeating the purpose of doing an information marketing business in the first place.
Because you'll be running around trying to manage and process the orders manually wasting a bunch of your time and money if you don't set up the business the right way FIRST.
So, what do you need to set up exactly? - Business Basics o You really should consider getting a business license even though you're selling online o You should definitely get a business bank account, don't mix personal and business funds o You may need business cards if you network out in person o You must have a website and web presence - professionally designed mind you or at least a blog to get you started (depends on type of business!) o Start putting everyone you know into a contact database into the computer.
Do this right away or pay someone to do it but if you wait it will be way too big of a chore.
Start with an Excel spreadsheet if you want, it doesn't matter in the beginning; you don't need any fancy software right off the bat.
- Technology o Since you'll be selling online, you'll want to get a shopping cart hooked up to your website (I recommend 1ShoppingCart.
com) I don't recommend PayPal typically because the customer's information is then stored on their site, not yours and they don't accommodate for recurring charges and billing which you'll need most often.
o You'll need a merchant account company, this can be your bank too but this is the liaison between your shopping cart and your bank account.
(I recommend PracticePaySolutions.
com as one option, I have others too.
) o I also recommend signing up for an online data backup system because you never know when your computer might freak out and you don't want to rely on backing up yourself or it won't get done! (I recommend Mozy.
com) - Outsourcing o I do recommend you hire a bookkeeper as soon as possible to manage your sales and Quickbooks, it's much easier starting with one right away so your books don't get out of hand.
o I do recommend you hire a Virtual Assistant to handle any of the technology or shipping aspects of running your business right from the start otherwise you will spend too much time on that stuff (web changes, processing orders, fulfillment, blog updates, some social networking, etc.
You never want to do anything (even in the beginning stages) that you don't like to do, don't know how to do or that someone else can do much faster or cheaper than you can.
Think about what your time is worth? Now, granted there is way more to set up but these are the basics.
Now IS THE TIME to take action in your business.
It's time to think bigger, dream bigger, make bigger goals and take bigger leaps of faith in order to truly get the business and life of your dreams.
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