List Building - Can You Really Quintuple Your Traffic With List Building?

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I am going to jump right out and tell you the conclusion to this article before you even read it.
If you don't like the conclusion, stop reading.
You have nothing to learn.
So, can you really quintuple your traffic with list building? Well, first of all - I have.
That is right - I leverage my traffic into 5 times the initial traffic - and so can you.
How do I do it?I guess I should start with traffic leverage.
What is leverage?Leverage is when you take something, apply some intellectual effort to it, and multiple the power you can get out of something.
In this case, it is list building.
In this case, you can take 100 daily visitors and turn them into 500 daily visitors, using just the leverage power of traffic.
So how does it work? Imagine you are getting 100 visitors per day.
Now, you have two choices.
You can send that traffic to a sales page, and hopefully convert 1% of that traffic - one sale per day.
Or you can send that traffic to a squeeze page, and convert 50% of that traffic into subscribers, subscribers whom you can send to your sales pages day after day after day.
This is where the leveraged effect kicks in.
You see, when you add 50 subscribers per day for 30 days, you add 1500 subscribers per month.
And when you add 1500 subscribers per month, you add 9000 subscribers per half -year.
Do you think you can get 500 unique visits to your web sites if you have 9000 subscribers daily reading your emails?
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