Why Virtual College Fairs Are Helpful for High School Seniors

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Virtual college fairs are the latest trend in helping students find the right university. They also help recruiters meet potential students who would be a good fit for their schools. This online tool is helpful in letting high school juniors and seniors discover what schools are available in their fields of interest or geographical areas of preference.

The Basics

Virtual college fairs are scheduled online through specialized websites that help students connect with various admissions representatives and recruiters. There are a variety of events scheduled, including virtual tours of colleges and universities, chats and open houses.


Virtual college fairs help students to connect with schools of interest. They give kids an opportunity to ask important questions about what the school is like and what types of courses, services and housing are offered. Colleges and universities use them as a student recruitment tool to find the kids that will enhance their campus.


Unlike a formal campus visit, the student does not have to pay anything to participate. Learning about a college or university that piques their interest can be done from the comforts of home or even the school library. There is no traveling involved for the virtual college tour or fair, so money can be saved for visits to potential campuses after students have had a chance to narrow things down significantly.

Getting Involved

Oftentimes high school seniors may want to know more about certain universities or fields of study, but they don't know where to turn. An online tour or chat can help them find out various academic major requirements and how their degrees can be used later in life to develop a career path. Simply put, it gives the kids something to do that can have a positive impact on their future.

Parent Interaction

For parents who work and have other children to look after, finding the time to look at schools with their teens can be challenging. College tours online allow them to see what their children see. The amount of time away from their employment or other commitments is minimal, since there is no travelling involved except to the computer. This enables parents to be more involved with the college selection process and to interact with their teens about this important life-altering decision. It also gives parents a first-hand look at how their child reacts to certain ideas and opportunities.

Making it Real

One of reasons that virtual college tours are trending is because teens are comfortable with online interaction. More exciting than a person sitting with a stack of brochures at a booth in the cafeteria, admissions representatives and real students can answer questions in chat form or via video. The online tours provide visual aids that brochures and copies of the student publications cannot convey. As a result, they make the university experience more tangible.
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