How To Get Website Traffic 101

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You jump into online marketing because you need some extra money so you write some blogs but you make no sales.
Did you really think it was that easy? Online marketing takes time any way you do it.
You have to have patience and if you need money this week you had better get a dirt world job.
You are not going to make fast money online without a list of buying customers.
First you have to carefully choose your targeted niche and learn exactly what your customers are looking for answers to.
You need to know what they are typing in the search engines so you can write blogs and articles to get their attention.
By using keywords and keyword phrases that your customers are searching for you can get the targeted traffic you need to make sales or get new members.
Then you need to put a lot of content, good quality content, online in blogs and articles on article publishing sites.
As your content gets out there online the search engines see that you are serious and knowledgeable in your niche.
You get ranking and the targeted traffic starts rolling in.
Now you need to capture these email addresses of the customers with an auto responder so you can send follow up messages to keep them in contact with you and your business.
After that you just need to keep adding content and have your auto responder do the emailing to keep the sales going as you continue to build your business.
As you get the sales going and more content just find more streams of income to blog about, maybe add another blog for an all new niche and do it again.
As you increase your marketing in different areas you have a large number of people with different needs looking to you for help spend their money on products you handle.
Online marketing is not easy or everyone would be doing it and no one would be working at the grocery store or selling you cars.
It takes a very strong attitude and a willingness to push past the frustrations.
Most people just starting in online marketing have no idea how to make it work.
And have no patience to spend the time and investment to make a successful business.
Any business online or dirt world takes investments of time and money.
People go to college for four years and get out making $50,000 a year and if they are lucky it is in the field they studied.
If you put part time work in online marketing for four years consistently.
Then put what you learn into practice as you learn it you will be making more than that.
Not only making more but working less and working anywhere in the world with internet access.
What a great business, you can build it and maintain it as you travel around the world enjoying life.
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