A Web Design Tutorial

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Congratulations! You now have webhosting and now all you need is a website.
Here's the question that every potential webmaster wants to know: Do you need to be a programmer to have a website? The answer is "kind of".
Here is today's web design tutorial.
The web is made up of many different programming languages.
HTML and CSS make the web look good while PHP, ASP, and Javascript are the nuts and bolts that make the web do more advanced functions.
(There are many more languages but these are the most popular) The good news is that there are many programs out there that allow you to design a website using an interface that requires no programming skills.
As you create your website, these programs translate your work in to HTML and CSS.
The answer to our first question is that you don't need any programming knowledge for that.
One of the most popular is a program called Dreamweaver which is available at any computer store or as a download from Adobe.
While this program will do just about anything you would ever need to build a website, there are some drawbacks to it: • It's expensive.
Purchasing Dreamweaver will set you back at least a few hundred dollars but there is some good news.
If you are a student, an educator, or a non-profit organization, you can purchase Dreamweaver for a fraction of the retail price.
With a school id, you should be able to purchase it for no more than $99.
• There's a steep learning curve.
If you are serious about learning to build and design websites, it is worth your time to learn this program.
Many of the best known web designers program using Dreamweaver.
Once you learn it, it will be your best friend in the web hosting world.
Other than those two drawbacks, this is easily the best program on the market.
As part of our web design tutorial, you should know that programs like Dreamweaver allow you to design a site and make it look good without any programming knowledge at all.
If you need your site to do anything other than look pretty, you're going to need some advanced programming knowledge.
The best way to accomplish this is to hire somebody to do it for you.
You can find people to do this for a relatively small amount of money so don't get too worried.
Finally, if your goal is to have a very simple web presence and don't plan to make a career of web design and management, there are plenty of free web templates where you only have to fill in your personal information.
There are also programs like WordPress which are free and come with a website already built.
For your first site, keep it simple, clean, and without a lot of bells and whistles.
There will be plenty of time for an award winning website in the future.
If you're worried about your lack of programming skills, here's the truth: As you spend time managing your website, you're going to learn programming skills very rapidly.
Languages like HTML are not difficult to learn and you'll be surprised how fast you pick up on the language.
Buy an introductory book about HTML and give it a try.
Check out another one of our articles in the web design tutorial series.
Web design tutorial
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