Playa Blanca Resort

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Playa Blanca is famous for its allure and beauty of beaches on Lanzorate Island, the location fits the exact amount of attraction for tourists and inhabitants both.

A modern resort on the island this has now turned out to be a complete town, located at 18miles of the Capital of Arrecife.
The sea around the island is Atlantic Ocean and is rather generally peaceful enough for the residents living down here, to take a morning swim and enjoy a good sunbath on these soothing and recreational beaches every morning. There is another one major attribute of location of Playa Blanca is the lighthouse Faro de Pechiguera, the newest landmark of Playa Blanca since 1986.

Playa Blanca Hotels:
Tourism started grooming in Playa Blanca as with the early 70's, so the emergence of Playa Blanca Hotels and Cafes kept on increasing with every passing day. The recreational spots contain hotels and apartments for visitors to accommodate and stay. Playa Blanca Hotels are not restricted to just a number of few, they are enormous and allow enormous holiday enjoyment with the most luxurious and soothing living style all around the island. Playa Blanca was planned and designed major tourists spot by the tourist development authority. Some of the Playa Blanca Hotels are established by the tourist development authorities, and they are available at manageable price ranges for the apartments as well as private villas and single rooms according to the needs and requirements of tourists.

The exquisiteness of the beaches around the Playa Blanca is beyond description, there are more than one sandy beach that surround Playa Blanca to make it more desirable for beach loving people.

Playa Flamingo beach is along the sea front, in the west direction of the town centre and is completely at the outside of the town. Faro Park, Carlos Park and Shangrila Park are the nearest landmarks. This beach was renovated in late 2010 and completely welcomes all types of visitors.
Playa Dorada (The Golden Beach) is just as near to the Playa Blanca as a 10 minute walk. This has number of cafes and favorite water sports are just found everywhere because of the popularity of the beach by its name.
Papagayo is considered more well-liked amongst all the beaches around Playa Blanca. This beach is just not a beach with sand a water waves around, instead there are many high cliffs right in between the beach to make it look more interesting and eye catching than all the other beaches of Playa Blanca.

Playa Blanca has one of the most favorable climate and weather than all the other surrounding towns. Playa Blanca is situated south east shoreline of island ensuring a complete protection where there is no fear of Trade Winds and Hurricanes which arise up in the sea, and that is why the sea is most desirable choice for swimming and boating all around the year. The most appropriate reason for this is the sea that touches the island of Lanzarote nearly from every direction maintaining the temperature and making the weather best, admirable and enjoyable for the tourists and locals.

Other Reasons of Fame:
Moving to the north of Playa Blanca is the Laguna de Janubio, a relatively large emerald green saltwater lagoon, this is used as the commercial extraction of Salt from the water. The amount reaches up to 10,000 tons of sea salt per year.
So Playa Blanca doesn't just hold a prime importance of being a frivolous spot but the mining of salt is one of a keen interest for all the salt extracting contractors around the town.
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