Home Schooling Christian Pre K-4

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I believe all of us love our children very much.
As parents we want only the very best for them.
And that is why I am suggesting Home Schooling our Christian pre K to 4th grade children in the family environment.
There is no better place for a young child to get his educational roots set right than in the home.
Here he is surrounded through early development with love and encouragement.
The discipline he needs will be applied and supplied by the one who should be disciplining - the parent.
In our post modern culture public education has been swept along like a massive tidal wave.
It seems there are no basics anymore.
Everything is subject to PC test.
No one is right and neither is no one wrong.
Nothing is true and therefore nothing is a lie.
The public schools are teaching PC at any cost.
It has become a raft of uncertainty washed about by the river of popular opinion.
Good old US History is woven around the pole of today's needs rather than being a solid base from which we learn our lessons for the future.
"The Test" becomes the bench mark.
Johnny may be coached to pass the test but will never be able to read.
Consider also the safety of our public schools today.
Physical, Mental abuse is at an all time high.
Levels of misbehavior are at there highest.
We have friends who teach in the public school system.
It is a war zone.
With not the slightest attempt being made to control bad behavior.
Friends, right now I need for you to consider home schooling your child.
At least until 4th grade.
Then make the next choice whether to stay home or go on to public school.
The basic education your child will receive at home will be priceless.
Will it be easy? Will it always be fun? Probably no to both questions.
Adjustments will have to be made by everyone in the home.
One parent will probably look for a work at home job.
But, friends anything worthwhile will be a sacrifice and, I believe this sacrifice is worth the effort.
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