7 Questions to Understand Your Customer Better

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Customer service questionnaires can help your clients better understand their requirements.
Your clients can benefit by: * Focusing on immediate project requirements * Increased awareness of budgeted time and finances * Better understanding of project goals * Setting priorities of essential project features * Planning for project post-implementation phase On the other hand, you as a service provider will have a clearer understanding of what your clients want.
This will help you to suggest your clients the exact services they need.
Here is a sample questionnaire that we have developed.
We found that it is helpful to customers and can even improve your closing rate of sales by 20%.
Website objective: (please describe in one sentence) 2.
Among the following features, please rate 1-5 which ones you would want for your site.
(must have=5) (good to have=4) (not sure=3) (maybe later=2) (never want=1) Content management system Discussion board, forums E-Commerce, shopping cart, catalog Web logs, blogs News management Banner rotation, ad management Calendar, events, planning Link management, exchange, directory Auction system Chat Mailing list, newsletter Guestbooks Image galleries Polls, survey Others 3.
Who will manage content for your site? Me and my staff only Site visitors (comments/postings) Both me/staff and visitors 4.
How much are you willing to spend per month for server hosting? Less than $30/month $30-$100/month More than $100/month 5.
How many hours are you or your staff willing to spend learning to manage your site (how to add pages in the new system, how to moderate users, essential HTML tags, etc)? ___ hours total 6.
How man hours per week are you/staff willing to spend for site management (adding content, updating site, managing users, etc)? ___ hours/week 7.
When do you expect to launch your new site? __/__/____(mm/dd/yy)
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