RV Insurance Quotes - What to Look For

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There is much more that goes into RV ownership and operation so it stands to reason that there is much more that goes into insuring one as well.
When you are shopping for coverage and you are getting RV insurance quotes from different companies, be aware that not all insurance companies specialize in RV insurance.
While the coverage these companies offer can still be good, they have to offer the following features to their coverage for it to be sufficient and complete.
1) Service call coverage.
This is basically like having Triple A for your recreational vehicle.
Your policy should allow for a specialist to come to you, wherever you are, in case you break down or are immobile for any reason.
Because many RVers travel cross country, this is an important feature to coverage that can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle.
2) Coverage for things that are permanently attached.
Satellite dishes, antennas, awnings, and anything else that is permanently attached to the RV should be covered for no extra cost.
It shouldn't even matter if the attachments came stock with the vehicle or if it was put on after market.
3) Total replacement.
If your recreational vehicle gets stolen or totaled within a set amount of time, (usually around five years), you will get a replacement vehicle of equal value.
4) Personal belongings coverage.
All of the stuff that is in your RV when it gets stolen or totaled should be covered at no additional coverage.
In other words, you shouldn't have to pay extra for your stuff.
That should be standard with RV insurance.
5) Coverage suspension.
You should have the option to suspend coverage whenever you are not using your RV.
Why should you pay for insurance when you're not even driving it?
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