Frequently Asked Questions About Dedicated Servers

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One of the most common dilemmas that any company operating online or wants to start online business falls in is whether they should get a shared server or a dedicated server.
Some of the common questions like what are dedicated webservers, when should one use it, what are the advantages or using them, why should one choose prefer it over shared server, when are dedicated web servers beneficial, why should one avoid dedicated hosting, where can one find dedicated web hosting, are also amongst the most frequently asked questions.
Almost all the hosting companies, when starting their businesses online, search for these questions before deciding upon which server to use.
Along with these there are more technically sound frequently asked questions.
Some of these are: when should one make a switch to a dedicated server, compare managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, main concerns to reflect upon while deciding upon choice of servers, how are hardware issues managed in servers, should I ask for a guarantee of hardware from my web host provider, what are the basic hardware my site might require, can I control my server easily if I choose a dedicated server, what should I look for in my web host provider company.
Some more issues that might be of concern are: how much time will it take me to install a dedicated server, what is the cost range for a dedicated server, can one get his/her shared server upgraded to a dedicated one, can my server be managed by web based control panel, how does a dedicated server works, what are the terms and agreements one need to have while purchasing a server, will I require additional IPs after buying a server, what type of server should be provided to me if I get a dedicated web server, will I be able to change the physical specifications of my server.
There are lot of frequently asked question about dedicated web hosting but some of the most common ones are discussed above.
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