Do You Want to Get Noticed on the Internet - Take a Shortcut to the Front of the Line

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Many local businesses hire SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers) to make their website search engine friendly so that it will rank higher in the search results.
They pay from hundreds to thousands of dollars to have this service performed.
The SEO's charge a large fee to make the website search engine friendly and then an additional monthly fee to either improve the rankings or at least maintain the current position in the search results.
Although expensive, many businesses, don't mind paying the fee because they feel that they have to maintain a large Internet presence to attract customers and make money.
It's a necessary expense.
But what most businesses don't know is that there is a shortcut to the front of the line - Google Map listings.
Business owners know its important to be on the web, and they know that it even more important to be "findable".
But they don't know how valuable Google Maps are in achieving this endeavor and they don't know how inexpensive this can be - basically free.
To help me make my point, conduct a Google search for a local business.
Enter your city to tell Google where you want it to search and then enter they type of business that you are searching.
For example you might enter, Palmdale Pet Groomers.
When you click the search button Google almost instantaneously returns the results of your search query.
In this case, as in almost all local searches, Google displays a local map and listings of the top ten search results.
And these top ten search results are at the top of the page above the regular web pages.
It is the first thing the potential customer sees and because it is colorful display it attracts the viewers attention.
To be included in these top ten search results is truly taking a short cut to the front of the line.
So the big question is how to be included in these top ten search results so that you can get the lion's share of the traffic searching for your product or service.
The answer is it might be easier than you think and you don't have to name your business AAAA Car Repair or whatever your business is to get to the top of the listings.
Google doesn't return the results in alphabetical order.
They return results that are most relative to the search words.
And the fantastic thing is the business owner can actually optimize their Google Map listing to get a more favorable ranking just like search engine optimization techniques for websites.
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