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Marketing Budgets Vs Marketing Strategies - Who Wins?

Anyone who has determined that they would like to generate more traffic and subsequently more customers online has come to the realization that there is often a war waging between marketing budgets and marketing strategies. These two, even though ostensibly on the same team, are many times in confli

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How to Change a U-Joint in a GMC Sierra

Changing the U-joints in your GMC Sierra is a good project for the do-it-yourselfer or home mechanic. The U-joints are located at each end of the drive shaft and allow for vertical movement while the shaft is spinning. Worn U-joints can cause vibrations, banging sounds and fail, causing damage to th

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Maintaining Your Used Boat

You have been thinking for a very long time about finding a good used trawler or used motor yacht to travel the Intracoastal Waterway and maybe the Islands. This has been your lifelong dream. But you are brand new to large yachts and believe you will need to have a better perception of what is invol

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Anger Management - Causes and Effects of Anger On Your Life

While we all must learn good anger management skills, anger is a normal emotion people experience. Our bodies are conditioned to prepare us to fight or flee when we are faced with threats. Angry feelings flood our bodies with adrenaline and cortisol to prepare us to defend ourselves.

The False Allure of Shiny Things

We are all naturally drawn to shiny things. When I refer to shiny things I do not just mean things that sparkle like diamonds and ruby's, or glow like gold, platinum or chrome or even things that reflect the sun. I mean everything that sparks an immediate desire to possess it, like a Lamborghin

Feel a Deep Sense of Relaxation With Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis is a therapy that communicates with another person's unconscious mind without the knowledge of that person. The main objective of hypnosis is to change the person's behavior subconsciously but on the other hand ...

Standards - The Importance of Having High Standards in Everything You Do

We used to have qualifiers, heats and standards in athletics to ensure that only the best athletes competed on sports day at school. I am reminded also of the auditions we would be subjected to before being accorded a place in the choir. We are still being screened in job interviews and when we make

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How to Raise the Mattress

You may want to raise a mattress for a variety of reasons. If your raise all four corners, you can use the space under the bed for extra storage. According to, if you only raise the "head" of the bed by six inches, recent research shows significant health benefits. If you raise the matt

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RV Insurance Quotes - What to Look For

There is much more that goes into RV ownership and operation so it stands to reason that there is much more that goes into insuring one as well. When you are shopping for coverage and you are getting RV insurance quotes from different companies, be aware that not all insurance companies specialize i

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Do You Have a Pet Rescue Plan For Natural Disasters?

What would happen to your pet if there was a natural disaster in your area tomorrow? It's important to have a rescue plan for your pet that involves alternative shelters, ID tags, and a rescue kit.

Raw Talk With A Certified Animal Nutritionist

As an advocate of biologically appropriate nutrition, I come face to face with naysayers and disbelievers of raw food diets for our companion animals every day. To them I ask, "What do dogs eat in the wild?" "What does a wild dog mother feed her pups?

What is the Cause of Puppy Dandruff?

Many puppies suffer from dry skin, which commonly results in dandruff. This is normal and is especially visible in puppies with dark coats. According to Doctors Foster and Smith Pet Education, young puppies often have underactive sebaceous glands, which help to lubricate the skin. As the puppy becom

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The Best Landmarks of the Peak District

The Peak District is a very popular place for individuals to go on holiday. If it's your destination too, you might be wondering what all you're going to do there. There are a lot of landmarks for you to take a look at, and if you've already seen some of them on previous visits it&apo